6 Real Money Making Apps (No Surveys!)

Do you constantly have your phone glued to your hand like the other 99% of the population? Yeah, me too. Although I try my best to stay away from games & social media apps, there are few which have scored me clams. Skins. Cash money baby! There are a lot of bogus apps out there but below are what I’ve found to be Real Money Making Apps that I use almost daily. If you feel like you’re wasting too much time on your phone, download these apps with the FREE CODES and start earning and saving today!

I will never take these off my phone because they have either

made me money or saved me money, or both!

By the way, No Surveys here! I honestly haven’t found any success with these & feel as though it was killing my brain cells anyways. So here we go, my 6 Real Money Making apps!

1) Ibotta

This FREE app is all about earning cash back on what you already buy! It’s legit a no-brainer! The program includes big name stores like Amazon, Wallmart, Target & Groupon. There are also grocery stores and dollar stores! I’ve even been able to link my Safeway Loyalty card to my account! (I still need to get this hooked up to earn free gas. Another thing on to to-do list)

How this works is a 2-Step process:

  1. First select the offers you want in the app! This is done by finding the store you want to shop at, browsing & grabbing the offer’s with a simple click of a plus sign on the item. Then do your usual shopping.
  2. Scan the receipt! I do this in the car before I leave! It gives me a second to breath after lugging all that cr*p into the truck & it makes sure I actually do it. Once I get home & unload everything, the chore is done & I’m onto the next thing. This is super easy by just holding the receipt up to the camera on the Redeem tab.

Another great way to use Ibotta is to scan the barcode of a product before you leave the house! Someone eat the last Nature Valley bar? Just scan the box (since you know the empty box will still be in the pantry) to see if there’s any offers! I love this because I can switch up whats on my grocery list according to whats on sale.

You’ll need to earn $20 to redeem & transferring the cash to Paypal or Venmo is super simply with just a swipe when you set up your account! You can also use your earnings to purchase Giftcards through the app.


Want to score a FREE Ibotta App? USE CODE dqemgvk


2) Swagbucks

Now I know I said no surveys but this app is all about sheer size! Swagbucks has reported paying out over $348 million in cash & free gift cards since it started in 2010. That a lot of moooooney honey!

It works through several channels including video watching, cash back on purchases, playing games, and even some random tasks in the Discover Deals section. These can be anything from signing up for TransUnion credit score tracking to joining JustFab. You can also earn 10% back for life when you refer a friend!

Swagbucks will let you redeem points for Gift Cards  or a cash transfer (minimum $25) to a Paypal account. The gift cards can be purchased for as little as $3 but the cash transfers have a minimum of $25.

Now I personally found this app a bit clumsy to maneuver around. There is a lot of information so it can be hard to navigate.

This is also a killing-time app so if you’re waiting on line at the bank or for the train, this is a great app. You can just open it, watch a video and be rewarded your time. You won’t earn a ton of money with this app but for a little extra here and there, it’s worth it.


Shopping is my cardio – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

3) Shopkick

I really like Shopkick because you can earn points by walking into a store. Walking in! Yup, you read that right! As a reward program, Shopkick has other ways you can earn cash too. You can also earn by scanning items in the store (no purchase necessary but you may look a little odd), scanning receipts and linking loyalty cards. Shopping online? You can earn by visiting online stores, viewing online products & of course, making online purchases. There are even videos of brand new products you can watch to earn!

Easy peasy!

This app let’s you earn “Kicks”, instead of “points”, which you can exchange for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and a ton more.

You either earn Kicks nearby when your out running errands by using the KICKS NEARBY tab and also online (where you already knoooow you want deals!) with the KICKS ONLINE tab. This app makes it really easy to switch between the two. Very user friendly!

Need to shop for a holiday or birthday? There is a great tab called Discover which has articles, videos & deals to help you with ideas! The brands provide a wide range of opportunities outside of just grocery shopping so you can earn while you shop for just about anything.


Want to score an extra 250 Kicks? ENTER CODE KIND259846 NOW!



Love taking pictures? See yourself as an amateur photographer? Than this is a great spot for you! This platform allow photographers to upload their photos to sell with only a few clicks on no high-ticket equipment required! The app is super easy to use! Just create an account & start uploading from your camera roll. You don’t need an expensive DSLR camera, smart phone images are fine! You can even sell your images more than once.

There are Contests & Missions that you can choose to be a part of & score up to $100 for photos if you meet the requirements.

There is also a large community on this app that provide feedback through comments on your photos. This can be highly impactful if your just starting out & are learning the ropes of photography!

Downside: The price on each image is $10 flat and FOAP takes 50% commission on your sales. Yowsa! Also, payments are provided through Paypal and only once a month so if you miss requesting your transfer then you’ll have to wait until next month. I still think this is worth checking out if your curious to see how much you can earn from your camera roll!


5) Field Agent

Now this is a brand new app that I’m trying out. The account is FREE (if it’s free, it’s for me!) and requires several questions for profile information. This is a Retail-Auditing & Mystery Shopping Solutions app that can help you score cash for small jobs.

The app provides both a Map and a List format of all available jobs which is easy to navigate. The jobs themselves are a bit odd and require some reading but are broken into categories such as Audits, Buy & Try and even Walmart Customer Service jobs.

The jobs, so far, include taking photos of displays, answering questions after a purchase and even taking photos of the exterior of buildings.

I’ve seen jobs from between one to twelve dollars depending on the details and requirements so you could potentially rack up some cash in your free time. You can also increase the value of the jobs your offered! The app starts you off with an “Agent Score” of 85/100. As you complete jobs correctly, the score goes up and you have more opportunities to earn more moooooney!

So if you stick with it and follow each jobs strict guidelines, you could earn sizeable money with this app.

I love how Field Agent is Direct Deposit! Boom! No Paypal transfer or giftcards!  I wouldn’t go wasting gas on jobs but if I’m in the area or near the store, why not?


Want to download Field Agent? USE CODE qat0auv!


6) Qapital

I saved the absolute best for last! I love this app!

This app works by connecting your checking or savings account and setting up Goal & Rules for the way you spend! Goals include an amount of money you’d like to save. I set up a Goal of “$500 for Grand Cayman Honeymoon” (which I totally hit, thank you!). You can then set up rules to hit this goal. Rules include anything from saving $20 every pay check, budget rules on spending or round-up all purchases to the nearest dollar & save the change in your funding account. There are a handful of rules you can set up to automatically to save you money.

There are also tips with reminders on how to save called Missions. These add Reminders in the app that can include everything from putting 1 thing back while you shop or turning daily snacks (gummy bears please!) into weekly savings treats. I really helps to steer you clear of excessive spending habits through your day.

You can also see all of your activity so you’ll never need to guess whats in your balance & where its come from. I know that my Target purchase yesterday was rounded up and I have an additional .43¢ in my balance!

What I love about this is that it’s truly set & forget! When you’ve hit your goal or need that cash, it’s easy to transfer the funds with a swipe!

Now unfortunately when I downloaded this app, it was a freebie but they have now created a tiered membership program. The Basic Membership is $3/month which I honestly would pay if I had to sign up today. This app has helped me make transfers to my savings account instead of out of it!


Want to score an extra $10 with your first deposit? USE CODE pd5vm9d2 NOW!


Have an app that you’ve found to be fantastic? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Derek says:

    Some pretty good and nifty apps that you have mentioned there. How do these money saving apps work? and how do we actually save money with them?. Are they for online shopping only and we shop through the app?

  2. Hi Liz ,
    Thank you for this post on Real Money Making Apps,
    I found it very valuable and helpful ,
    I am familiar with Swagbucks , and I do earn some extra cash with it, it’s very nice,
    I am not familiar with the others you mentioned , I will sure check them out !
    Thanks for this article !
    Best Regards,

  3. Write more articles like these! There are thousands of apps out there, who has time to try them all? I’m much of a shopper but I did find your review of FOAP intriguing. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and have way too many on my phone. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks!

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