Learn affiliate marketing basics

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics – Down the Rabbit Hole we go!


As you’ve been trying to find your path to Financial Freedom, I’m sure you’ve come across many new terms & titles that you’ve never heard of. I swear, I read a new hippy-dippy term everyday…

Affiliate Marketing was one of those terms for me. It is defined as a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies who market the companies products for a commission. The best part is it’s low risk and little to no investment. It’s popular than ever & for good reason.

Its asking the real world to do your advertising and it’s genius!

So I’ve created this post to help you learn the affiliate marketing basics for 2019. Everything is current. No old-school training here!

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

The internet is growing each day & with it, e-commerce. Amazon didn’t reach $72.4 billion in the fourth quarter last year just because the website is easy to use. More people are buying online & demand free shipping. Honestly, I’m one of them. #sorrynotsorry


So who is Affiliate Marketing for? It can truly be done by anyone. If you can learn you’re way around a computer enough to read this blog, than you can learn affiliate marketing. Whether you choose to create your own blog for women under 5.4′ or run Facebook ads for a new software, almost all affiliate marketing can be done remotely. It also doesn’t require a huge investment such as the real estate market. You can easily learn & start making a commission (however small) without having to lay out big bucks.


What is affiliate Marketing? As discussed above, its a way for companies to ask the world to review their products & offering a commission to do so. What’s fun is that there are a ton of different arenas to play in! I have personally found that the more passion you have for your topic, the more successful it will be.

Affiliate Marketing does require work though.

You can to first create your medium to reach people online, find a product or service that could be helpful to your audience and finally review it to educate them. If an audience member decides to purchase the product or service, than you receive a commission from the company. It’s pretty straight forward but it’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme to get people to buy crap they don’t need.

Affiliate Marketing requires honesty & transparency.

When & Where?

When & Where can you do Affiliate Marketing? The most beautiful part of Affiliate Marketing is that truly it can be done from anywhere because you can bring your laptop, tablet or even your phone anywhere & work anytime. If you work a full time job & can only commit 30 minutes each night then you can work your business exactly that way!

Affiliate Marketing creates a real avenue for financial freedom in the sense that you’re no longer committed to the commute, the location, the job. If you need to travel to take care of a family member or want to take an extended vacation to clear your mind, you can take affiliate marketing with you!


Why give Affiliate Marketing a try? There is a huge group of people that want to work from home. Lives are getting busier, commutes are getting worse and the reality of being your own boss are closer than ever before. There is a real taste in the air of no longer having to work for the man. And I’m so cool with that. Gone are the generational ideals of retiring from a company after 50 years with a retirement package & a social security check. I’m pretty sure that by the time I’m ready to retire, neither of these will exist.

So people are thinking outside the box & thinking of long-term financial strategies to become wealthy on their own. And I’m certainly one of them!

Types of Affiliate Websites in 2019

  1. Price comparison
  2. Coupons & Rebates
  3. Email marketing
  4. Personal websites & blogs
  5. Video reviews on Youtube
  6. Incentive Programs

There are a lot of way to use affiliate marketing to your advantage. You can find training on all these types of affiliate marketing & more on the internet but it’s tough to find ones that not only are not scams, but realistic with the expectations they set.

Affiliate Marketing works by companies providing links which you can insert into your blog, videos or any media really. If any sales are the result of someone clocking on your link, the sale is tracked back & you receive the commission. Just type in Affiliate Marketing in YouTube and hundreds of videos pop-up of reviews of products & training. There is an entire market out there not only to teach you how to become an affiliate but how to be tremendously successful at it.

Almost every company these days has an Affiliate Marketing program. Some have very strict rules such as the number of posts or subscribers you have. Some are more lax & will let you sign up even if your just starting out. Just google search your niche & “affiliate marketing” & the results will fly!


And Down the Rabbit Hole I go

I only have 1 rule for trying out new programs, including affiliate marketing. If it’s free, it’s for me! And I can usually stick at that as most creators want to offer you a first hand look at their product. Just like refusing to pay for shipping, people refuse to pay for training before getting there paws in first.

Thankfully, there are tons of websites out there that offer Affiliate Marketing Training 100% free!

Wealthy Affiliates is one of them. The site has been able to provide a lot of training free of charge, simply by creating a username & password! After a few days of playing around on their website, I decided to go Premium & so far, I love it! I’ve been able to really learn how to create better content for  you, the reader & also how to find affiliate program all over the internet!

If you’re thinking about wanting to learn Affiliate Marketing & create a website, I can’t recommend WA enough!

Keep an eye out for full length review of Wealthy Affiliates!

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  1. I found valuable information in your article. The explanation of affiliate marketing was spot on,. It was honest and encouraging and made me want to sign up right away! lol I liked your caution about signing up to represent a company that charges you to be an affiliate. You are correct! Most companies are glad to have you referring people to their site. Good job!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks so much! I try to provide my honest feedback because I know how intriguing the world of working online can be!

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