Is Debt Holding you Back? – My full review of What Lies in Your Debt.com

   Happen to have some debt holding you back? It can feel like a giant weight holding you back. It causes stress & fear daily. It’s horrible and I know all too well because I had to get my butt out of debt & clean up my credit reports big time! But it was worth every single hard-working moment!

Even before we moved to Colorado, I worked on repairing my credit & getting out of debt so that we would be ready to pull the trigger on a mortgage when we were 100% ready. It was damn hard work. A lot of arguing with the credit bureaus, writing letters, sending emails and hustling to make money to get bills paid off. Thankfully, I found a small law firm that did in fact help me out the law side of my credit but I wish I had known about a service like What Lies in Your Debt! It would have saved me headaches & a lot of brain cells!

I will never forget how I felt after knowing my debt & credit were fixed. I felt the relief wash over me, mentally & physically!

I want the world to know this feeling and understand that there is way out & it is worth the hard work. Here I’m going to review a product called What Lies in Your Debt, a web based service to help you crawl out of debt & absolutely change your life. Again, I wish I woulda known about this years ago!

You can scroll down to grab my final verdict too!

Name: What Lies in your Debt

Website: www.whatliesinyourdebt.com

Price: 60 Day FREE Trial then $99 for the first month & $49 after that.

Owner: Liberty Marketing, LLC

Overall rank: 8 out of 10

Product Overview

What Lies in Your Debt is a web-based platform that can help you not only learn the laws surrounding debt & credit reporting, but assist you step-by-step to change your life! What Lies in Your Debt has created community of like-minded individuals who work to enlighten others of their options when they feel as though they are alone in a deep hole of debt.

Once you become a member and have access to the Members-Only website, you will be able to:

I want to provide you with a quick synopsis of the issues above & how What Lies in Your Debt does to help:

Credit Reports – 1 in 3 Americans have errors in their credit reports! Holy cow! Learn how to fix them & fight back!

Unwanted Calls – Determine whether a debt collector is breaking the law & how to potentially fine them!

Foreclosure Issues – Use a proven system to go from offense to defense against the banks!

Debt Collectors – Take control & grasp the tactics of scam artists so you can protect yourself!

Credit Cards – Did you know that “Debt Settlement” companies can rip you off? Understand the right way to pay off credit card debt!

Asset Protection – Master a Judgment Lien Process & keep creditors from being able to levy your wage or bank accounts!

Legal mumbo-jumbo. This company has a lengthy experience with:

  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) – I didn’t even know this existed!
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Telephone Consumer Practice Act – If you are getting those constant phone calls from creditors, I know you want to know more about this!
  • Truth in Lending Act
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

I couldn’t believe all of the laws put into place to protect people from wrongful acts regarding credit & debt! These should be taught in schools & part of our education system for christ sake! It’s wonderful to know that What Lies in Your Debt knows these laws inside & out and knows how to help you understand them.

Below are the Membership Benefits that you can take advantage of 24/7:

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


  1. 60 Day Free Trial
  2. Unique Members-Only Website
  3. 24/7 Counseling Support
  4. Over 40 Years Experience
  5. FREE Legal Links to help you understand laws to learn your rights
  6. Learning from Real Experts


  1. There is a monthly cost
  2. Geared towards Americans so if your outside of the US, it’s not the best product for you


  • Your going to have to face reality – Eek, this can be tough for a lot of people. Sometimes it’s easier to sweep you credit report under the rug than to face it. I totally get it because I did it for way too long. But if you can push through the pain and follow the What Lies in Your Debt process, it’s so worth it! Just because you have racked up a Macy’s credit card bill (is 27% interest even legal!?), failed to pay student loans on time or got a car repossessed, doesn’t make you a bad person. You made some bad decisions but now you have to make some good ones to get that crap behind you & move on honey!


  • It will take time – Repairing you debt and paying off credit cards will take time. It took time to spend the money & get to where you’re at now so you have to be patient. What Lies in Your Debt can draaaastically reduce this time since you will have the support & knowledge to know the who, what, when, where and how of repairing your credit, relieving debt and getting your life back!

The important thing is that you show yourself some self-love here. If you brush your teeth, eat healthy and do yoga to take care of yourself physically, spiritually & mentally, then why would you not take care of yourself financially?

Who is it for?

This web-based program is excellent for anyone who has:

  • A fear of reading credit reports
  • Credit card debt
  • Student debt
  • Medical debt
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Foreclosures
  • Pre-Lawsuits
  • Received debt collection phone calls
  • Thought of buying a home or a car
  • Daily financial stresses

Tools & Training

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Downloadable Resources
  • Member Forum – ask questions, search topics & more
  • Weekly Webinars + Webinar archives with 5 years of topic specific information
  • Weekly Tele-conference calls + call archives with 5 years of topic specific information
  • Video Tutorials on everything from how to contact debt collectors to protecting your money

Money Honey! What’s the price?

This program is amazing because its 60 day FREE TRAIL! And you know if it’s free, its for me!  A lot of programs only offer 30 days which honestly, after going through debt consolidation myself, is not a lot of time to worth with credit bureaus and vendors. A free trial of two months is enough time for you to see if this opportunity fits exactly what you need.

After that, you can join to continue the services for $99 for your first month & then it drops down to $49/month (which is less than I was paying for tanning, I hate to admit that but it’s true). In my opinion, this is a low cost for all of the services & information provided through the platform. From past experience of having to pay a law firm a retainer + hourly rates, $49/month is bubkiss (as my NY Italian father would say).


Wrap up

Name: What Lies in Your Debt

Website: https: www.whatliesinyourdebt.com

Price: FREE 60 day trial; $99 first month, $49 monthly

Overall rank: 8 out of 10

Verdict: The truth is that financial advisors are somewhat reserved for the wealthy, right? This is how they remain wealthy, with knowledge on how to handle money. So for those of us that find we need help along the way, What Lies in Your Debt is a great means to learn how to get out of debt & repair your credit for a reasonably monthly cost.

If you’d like to learn how to get out of debt & really take control of your credit than this program is absolutely worth checking out. The 60 FREE Trial is a big benefit too so try it out and take advantage of the tools all brought to you in 1 place, your Member-Only access website.

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