Ideas on Building an Online Business

Want to start an online business…

but don’t know where to start?

If your 100% sick of the 9 to 5 (like I am) than I know you’ve considering building a business online. The wonderful thing is that there are so many ways to build your own brand, your own company, your own business. All online!

The life of an entrepreneur seems to look like a life of luxury these days. The ads on Facebook for all of the “Work from Home” and “Digital Nomads” programs seem utterly out of reach. How in the world am I going to get from here (yay pay-to-paycheck) to being able to travel when I want, whenever I want? Think that life is too far away?

F&*# NO!

But it’s gona be damn hard work! The ads on Facebook don’t show you that. But honestly, there are way too many people being absolutely successful at online businesses for it not to be within your reach.

But if you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start because there are so many scams out there, your not alone! I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous bribes like “Start earning 12 minutes after watching this video!” Its nuts! Gimmie a break! But even worse, it takes away from the legitimacy of the real online business you can create.

If you want to tap into your creative genus, have a great idea or want to share your experiences with the world, than online is the place for you.

The types of online businesses seem endless.

A few avenues to consider:

E-Commerce – Did you know there are websites dedicated to helping you find products? Alibaba.com & Oberlo.com can help you start your ecommerce business with just a few clicks! You can sell digital or physical goods through sites like Shopify and Etsy.

Blogging – Just like Make that Money Honey, you can create a beautiful blog, find your tribe and learn how to be rewarded by helping others! There are many ways to monetize a blog through ads, sponsors, guest blogs and more! Although a trending industry, this takes a ton of work so if you can’t dedicate the time to produce content consistently, this may not be the right avenue for you.

Affiliate Marketing – This is done by promoting products and earning a commission. Did you know 80% of businesses have an Affiliate Program? Walmart, Target, Sephora.. they all have affiliate programs where you can be rewarding for giving real reviews! There are tons of training programs out there that can take you from beginner to expert but be ready to put in the time and effort!

Course Creation – Want to teach the world to crochet? You can create courses step-by-step with websites like Teachable.com. This will take commitment and time but could be highly lucrative. And who doesn’t love to crochet?

Amazon FBA – Why not take advantage of the gigantic customer base Amazon already has and become a seller!? FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. This means that you can leverage not only the customer base Amazon has already built but also the distribution and warehousing efforts they already have in place. There are training programs out there that will show you how to purchase or create your own products and sell through Amazon.

Drop Shipping – This is a retail method that keeps retailers from having to hold onto inventory or even ship products! The benefit of this is that the overhead costs are low and you don’t have to purchase the product until a retailer orders with you.

Creative Freelancing – If you have a detailed skill to share than try a freelance website or build your own website to market your skills! A lot of small companies will outsource small tasks so search task websites like Fivver and Fancy Hands. If you know graphic design, SEO, copy writing, or can even teach a language, this is a great option to look into!

Virtual Assistant – This is a great avenue if you have admin skills and can stay organized! You can create your own brand and decide everything from the services you’ll provide, hours you’ll work,  clients you’ll serve and the pricing structure you’ll charge. This is a great option if you’d like to start a side hustle on your own terms and build a brand that helps other companies.

Youtube Channel – Youtube is the #2 Search engine tool in the world, owned by the #1 (Yup, Google!) If you’re comfortable on camera, YouTube is the absolute best option for you! Did you know that you can get paid whenever someone watches an ad on your channel?

Podcast – Love the idea of Youtube but don’t want to be on camera? A Podcast is a digital audio file that’s available on the web for download. No camera required! You can find an audience anywhere in the world on any topic! Listeners can download your podcast for free and even listen to it on their smart phone.

Ebook – Amazon makes it easy to create and sell an EBook online! There will be a lot of leg work required to get off the ground including market research and a lot of writing and editing. A lot. But if you enjoy writing, this could be a great way to monetize something you’re already passionate about!

Photography – If you have an eye for photography, check out sites that pay! Don’t have the cash to invest in a DSLR camera? Check out how to get paid for your camera roll on your smart phone on the FOAP app HERE!

Social Media Management – Love to be social? There are companies outsourcing Social Media Management looking for skilled social butterflies! In these positions, you can manage marketing campaigns and really be part of creating a brands voice. This sounds so fun!

Sell your Product – There are a ton of online retailers like Etsy that specialize in small, individually owned stores with either homemade or hard to find products. You can also resell your goodies on sites like Poshmark and Mercari.  If you take the time to photograph and list your products, this could be worth your time. 

You can mix and match online businesses to include eCommerce & affiliate marketing on a blog or a YouTube Channel on teaching photography and selling your camera roll! The options are endless and you can create your business to be anything you want!

The free training on platforms like YouTube and Instagram are endless as well. If you want to dig into one of the types of online business, spend some time researching and find experts in the field to follow. Learn as much as you can. Take notes. Get obsessed!


  • Inexpensive to start!
  • Work from where ever you want!
  • Unlimited earning potential!
  • Tap into what you really Love!
  • Make your own Schedule!
  • Create a Community!
  • Share your Skills & Knowledge with the World!
  • Automated processes = less work!
  • It’s YOUR business
  • Isn’t industry specific

The benefits seem endless… make your own schedule, stay at home, no more 2 hour commute.

To me, the best part of having your own business is that you can build it any way you want. This is real financial freedom!


Realistic Expectations

If your a skeptic, like I am, than you know that most of the deals you see are offering you exactly what you want to hear. Quick money. But that is not the reality of any of the above businesses. They all take time and commitment.

Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.
George Carlin

If you read the title of this post correctly, it state Online Business, not online hobby. Think of it as though your working in construction (Yay construction industry! Not really) and your building a business from the ground up. You need to start at the bottom and build from there. Pour your concrete first and let it dry.

There is no sense in giving up on a building when you pour the concrete. That doesn’t make any sense! There are no walls yet to decorate, no furniture to rest on, no windows to let the sunshine in.

There is nothing but the stable foundation which might be ugly (eek, do I have blemishes & typos in my posts so far?)

I get that it’s not fun yet!It’s hard work, it’s messy, there are mistakes, challenges, disappointments and days you want to quite.

But you haven’t even gotten to pick out the paint colors yet. So be patient with yourself and keep plugging along.

Want a Jumpstart?

If you’ve read The First Steps in my Journey, then you know I’ve tried some jazz and unfortunately none have worked out too well. Until know.

I’ve truly found an amazing training program that brought me from absolute newbie to creating this blog & learning how to monetize her. Everything I’ve built so far is through the help of Wealthy Affiliates.

Do your research. Find reviews. Join for Free and see if you can really push yourself into ACTION!

I promise that Wealthy Affiliates is absolutely worth your email for a FREE account. And the best part is that you can stay FREE! Boom!

I’m legit in the middle of this right now! I’ve put in the work, typed and typed and… nothing… crickets. And that OK! Because I know this is my journey and it will take time. I’m going to keep plugging along…


Have a great Idea or Skill you have that can be turned into an Online Business?

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