How to Leave a MLM

So you’ve decided to cut your loses & leave your Multi Level Marketing company….

First off, that’s ok. You don’t need to feel defeated or embarrassed. There is a very small percentage of people that are able to NOT lose money on this business model so it’s completely normal! It’s important for you to keep your chin up but I completely understand the storm of emotions going through you right now! I’ve left two MLM companies in the last 3 years. There is a happy, healthy & fulfilling life after MLM so I’m going to walk you through the simple steps of how to leave one. So in this time, be kind to yourself.

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When you first begin your journey into an MLM, it’s all rainbows & butterflies, right? It’s brand new to you, the engagement from those in the business is fantastic and you instantly feel like part of a family. And that’s how they want you to feel. I’m not going to be completely bias here. I did mean genuinely wonderful woman that I plan to stay in contact with but for the majority, meh. They come, they go. Because be honest with yourself, your #1 goal in starting a new business venture was to make a profit,  not friends.

  • Perhaps the company you joined sounded wonderful until you were on your own feet & began to feel the pressure
  • Perhaps the training & support they offered were not exactly what you expected
  • Perhaps its much harder to find hostesses & perspective customers than you were led to believe

For whatever reason, you’ve found yourself just done. You’ve made the effort but have made the final decision to leave your MLM. Now what?


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Here are some Steps on How to Leave an MLM…  with your heart & soul still in tact

Tell someone you love

Because your heart will ache. I’m telling you right now though, that will fade. It’s easy to feel as though your a failure at this time but you’re not! Hell no your not! You tried something new, you worked damn hard at it & have decided its not in your best favor. That’s it. Boom, done, moving on!

This seems simple enough but on those days when you want to jump back into the business because A,B,C and D, this person may be the one to sit you down & provide you the real honesty you need. They will be able to remind you of the reasons you chose to leave in the first place and perhaps get your mind off the negative emotions your feeling.

Instead of spending time trying to find a hostess or purchase & ship products, take some time for you & reach out to your loved ones. Schedule a brunch with friends or a beer with your brother. Surround yourself with the people you love!


Be Honest with Upline & Downline

Now this part will be tough & that’s ok. Remember to be professional & 100% honest with your upline. They can’t force you to stay with the company but they have been trained with tactics to try & get you to stay because in the long run, the more money you make, the more money they make.

You can simply explain to them that you have decided to no longer be a part of the company & are moving on to another endevour. You don’t need to come up with excuses because they will most likely rebuttle them. State your exit from the company as  fact & not a result of outside influences. Keep it short, keep it simple.

You’re downline is still in the trenches trying to make it work so be kind to them. It is 100% their decision to stay with the company so don’t try to push your beliefs onto them. Simply let them know that you are not longer with the company and you’ve enjoyed working with them. Direct them to your upline so they know who to contact with questions or concerns and your done!


Find a new Hobby that makes you Smile

You know that saying, the best way to way to get over someone is get under someone? Find a new hobby to immerse yourself in. Something that truly bring you joy. If it’s photography, take a walk or a trip somewhere & bring your camera. Love to knit? Find a new project to start! It’s important that you fill your heart & soul with something that makes you smile right now. You’ll feel all sorts of negative emotions so to bring yourself back up, do what you love!

If you can’t think of anything you truly love than try out a whole bunch of stuff! Google or Pinterest “new hobby for women” and see what pops up! When something sounds intriguing, search how to learn it for free! If it’s free its for me, right!?

The point is to change your perspective from negative to positive.

Sell your products

Now this will really help to not only cleanse your house of any negativity but also your brain! When you have product lying around which you know you’ve spent good money on, it harbors resentment and you don’t wana carry that around all day! So unload it all. Take a hit if need be because the faster you get it out of your house, the better you’ll feel.

Don’t know where to go to sell because friends & family have already made an investment (or two)? Hello Poshmark! I unloaded all of my product on Poshmark within a few short months & was able to get the cash in checking account!

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It is possible to leave an MLM so NEVER feel as though you need to stay because you’ve invested your time & money or because you feel pressured to. There are success stories in MLM businesses but perhaps that’s just not your story. Follow the steps above & I promise that no matter how long you’ve spent on & in the MLM business model, there is life afterwards.

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  1. Hahahahaha. For about 15 years I built MLM businesses only to be disappointed every time.
    So, I stuck with Real Estate Sales, and Busines Brokerage.
    But there’s something very alluring about residual income, but you’re right, MLM ain’t it. It’s big, big business and a big magnet, but as they say in Texas…. all hat, no cattle, or all sizzle, no steak.
    And again you’re right in they use ‘inspriation marketing’ to keep you going. “If you’re not a success, it’s because of internal limitations.” Got to be too much, even though I learned a lot and met some great people, it was really a large, large waste of time.
    Great article. And I saw that you have a remedy for building repeat sales. Affiliate Marketing. A friend referred me to Wealthy Affiliate so I’m researching that. Everything I see is good about it.
    I’m glad you’re doing well. You’re helping lots of people with this blog.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks so much Michael! I love your “all hat, no cattle, or all sizzle, no steak!” I’ll be stealing that line! And your very right about the reality of MLM! For many people, it’s life changing in a positive way and for others, its not all the hype. I think it’s important for people not to feel “stuck” in them and know it’s ok to walk away.Thanks for reading!

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