How to create a blog for free online

How to Create a Blog Online (For Free)

If you’ve ever thought of sharing your passion with the world, blogging is a great way to do so & create long term income goals! According to, 77% of internet user read blogs! That’s HUGE! If you’re not familiar with it, a blog is a website that is uauuly run by 1 person or a small group and usually very casual and transparent. They are updated regularly & sometimes create communities revolved around a particular topic. Anyone can create a blog & the best part, you can do it for free! Yup! If it’s free, it’s for me!

Don’t feel intimidated by thinking of a blog as a website, it’s much easier than it sounds! Here are some simple steps to start your journey.

Find a Niche & a Name

This should be fun, not boring. Think of a hobby you love or a topic you could talk about all day. You don’t need to be an expert in your field. you just need to know more than the average person. If you love to crochet, than there are people out there thinking of learning how to that are searching online for tips & tricks. Know a lot of the Romanov family? There are people looking for secret details that you may know!

Not sure what to write about? Dig around online at some blogging topics.Here are a few niches that are popular in 2019:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Life Hacks
  • Design and Home Decor
  • Relationship

Once you’ve found your Niche, you can think of a name. This can be something as simple as your name but I recommend it be related to the topic of your site. Brainstorming is a marvelous way to come up with names. Grab a notebook & doodle some names & let you’re creativity flow. Don’t limit yourself, don’t hold back! Take your time & perhaps even come back to this step once you’ve been able to rack your brain on ideas. I’ve found that posting a poll on Facebook is a great way for real feedback on this as well!


Create your Domain

There are tons of options of free domains. Although you may find some limitations, it will technically be free. There are sites that offer the domain free for your first year & then start charging as little as $2.95 a month! A MONTH! That’s legit less than a cup of coffee! The great thing is that most sites like Bluehost and Wix allow you to upgrade later without losing any of your work! They make it super simple to upgrade with only a few button clicks!

For now, you can create your blog online for free through a ton of different channels so do some research and find which fits your needs!

The best means to not only get a website but an easy to follow step-by-step training is through a site called Wealthy Affiliates! Keep an eye out for review coming soon!

Blue Host is a great option for starting out. Although not free, you can get hosted & a .com domain for as little as $2.95/month! Thats ziltch in the scheme of things! This includes a beautiful, easy to design, professional WordPress website. I’ve used Blue Host for years & absolutely love their services! The customer support is superb and prices have never increased for me. The site is very user friendly and works perfect in sync with WordPress along with all my plugins & themes (Don’t worry, you’ll know these terms once you get your feet wet in the blogging pool).




The most wonderful about blogging these days is that your truly don’t need to know ANY CODING! None! Once you have a hosting platform for your domain, you can use WordPress. WordPress is an open source website creation tool that is super user friendly! I’m using it right now & will never switch to anything else! Once you begin to navigate through WordPress, you’ll find thousand of easy to install templates, step-by-step guides and more.

Part of the fun of creating your blog online for free will be making it yours! Through different templates, graphics, fonts, styles, colors, etc etc you can make your blog 100% personalized! I love the leopard print on my front page because it represents so much of me!

Have fun with designing your site & know that you can always change the look of it!


Write, Write, Write till your hands hurt

Ok, you don’t really have to write until your hands hurt but you want to be consistent in your publishing of posts. You’ve already done an amazing job so far so start off with some baby steps and begin with your About Me page! Just introduce yourself and write from the heart. There is no wrong way to do this. Just tell your audience who you are and what they can expect from your blog. Easy pesy!

You can also add images and videos to your posts so get creative! You can add photos right from your phone or find some online at sites like Unsplash. Be sure to provide royalties when they are due. Better safe than sorry! Make sure to download the WordPress app for writing on-the-go. You never know when creativity will strike & you’ll want to get some writing down & saved as a draft.


Be proud of your work & Stay Motivated

Seriously! Sit back and take it all in. You should feel proud of yourself! You’ve created your blog online for free! Many people daydream about taking the first steps to financial freedom and here you are, already taking action! Woot woot!

How to create a blog online for free

Got a bit of a thrill from hitting publish!? I always do too! It’s super fun to create something and see it come to fruition (one of the reasons I love the construction industry). It’s important that you stay motivated to ensure the success after working hard to create your blog online for free! There are a few tricks I use to stay motivated including an editorial calendar, rewarding myself, setting timers & more!

Keep an eye out for my next post on staying motivated to keep your blog going!


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