Guide to a Perfect Morning Routine

Guide to a Perfect Morning


Do you hate mornings as much I do? Ugh, totally get it! The warmth of those comforters, soft cloud-like pillows, the mattress perfectly molded to you. It’s a miracle any of us ever get out of bed, am I right?

But it’s easy to create a relaxed start to your day when you… PLAN! PLAN! PLAN!

Yup, Just plan. It sounds so simple & trust me, I know it’s a hard habit to get into. Remembering to take time each night to plan the following day is tough but I promise you, is incredibly rewarding! It’s not a big secret but most people don’t take advantage of nightly routines to help their days start off on a positive note! Did you know that taking 10 minutes each evening to plan the following day can help you sleep longer & deeper? Here’s a short post to help you create that perfect morning, every morning!

And if you plan to be your own boss, you need to be disciplined & make the most of your days.

So set your timer and let’s go….

1) Hydrate & Coffee!

It’s super important to drink water first thing in the morning. According to Harvard Health, you should be getting 4-6 cups of water daily. I know its a tough habit to get into but make it easy by leaving an extra cup IN FRONT of your coffee cup or even better, on your nightstand each night! Then put out mugs & stirrers, make sure the coffee pot has water & coffee or stick that pod in. Make sure all you have to do in the morning is hit a button!

Hate water? Try adding water, lemon, mint or cucumber to your water for some added flavor! I bought Ryan & I matching travel mugs for Christmas so I use this for my water. It’s really the only way I stick to drinking water… is to make sure I’m drinking out of something pretty. What a girl I am.


2) “I’ve been shopping for years but still have nothing to wear!” every woman ever

Pick out your clothes! Check the weather if you need to but make decisions & either pull those clothes out or stick the hangers together so all ya have to do is grab! Make sure to keep it all together so you’re not running all over for pieces (make sure to check that dryer!). Don’t forget shoes, sweater, jewelry and any other accessories!

By making these decisions the night before, you’ve limited you options in the morning. Too many times have I been in the mood to wear leggings but can’t find a long enough sweater & 20 minutes later, I’m in jeans and a button down. Time wasted.

Don’t give yourself the options in the morning. Have your clothes ready to be thrown on!

3) Lunches!

In our home, we’re all about food! Food food food! So make lunches ahead of time & do some meal prep! I promise it’s easier than it sounds and it doesn’t need to look like a Pinterest pin. Grab your ziplocs, your leftovers, your cold cuts, salads or chicken and prep! Meal prepping always looks like hard work but if you do it nightly or weekly, it really decreases the stress in the morning & the chance of having to spend $10 on Chipotle twice a week! This week it’s wraps for lunch & chicken with rice & green beans for dinners!

Bonus if you remember to take something out of the freezer for dinner!

4) War Paint, as my father used to call it. Makeup!

Make it easy on yourself. Keep you war paint together… keep it simple and keep it organized. I keep my makeup pretty minimal for work & usually spray a leave-in conditioner into my curls & let my hair dry on the way to work.

A huge help for me was setting a timer. Keep it simple and keep it short! I have 5 minutes set on my phone to add primer & foundation, curl my eyelashes, add some mascara, #maybelline4life, & color in these over-tweezed eyebrows. Boom! Done! Brush my teeth & I’m outta there!

Another huge help was setting everything out the night before. On the countertop are the items I need for the morning & ONLY the items I need for the morning. If there are too many options laying around (Ooh! Another eye shadow palette!) than my focus is gone & I’m distracted my pretty colors.

Make it easy on yourself & leave out only what you need!

Space Balls with John Candy & Mel Brooks. A need-to-see movie!

5) Journal

Nothing has kept me motivated like my Best Self journal! From daily to-do’s to a calendar view of my life, this thing keeps me on track big time. The best thing is that every night when I lay down, I take a few minutes to glitter-pen details of the day & double check whats in store for tomorrow. Refreshing your brain on whats ahead is a great way to avoid panic in the morning! I know exactly what to expect! And by ending each day with a reflection, I fall asleep thinking of positives instead of worrying about tasks still floating around my brain.

I adore my Best Self Journal! I used to use a monthly calendar but there was never enough space! Now with monthly, weekly and daily pages, it’s easy to get all the info down I need! I especially love the GOALS, GRATITUDE and LESSONS LEARNED sections!

You can score your Best Self Journal Here!

6) Show some Love

We have a very important rule in our home that never ever ever gets broken. We show love first thing in the morning. Who ever wakes up first always kisses the other person before getting out of bed. Now I’m sure there have been days when Ryan has sweetly placed a peck on my forehead at 4:30am and I’ve snored in his face. But the love is there.

Try finding a way to show your significant other some love every morning. No hunny? That’s ok, show yourself some extra love with affirmations of self-love. So go on… tell yourself how amazing you are, how smart you are, how funny, outgoing and personable you are!

Self-love is an important part of personal development &  mental health.

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  1. Hi, this are great tips! It’s so bad for me to want to get it. Even when I have everything ready. I’ve started to have my clothes ready in the mornings but there are days that I just forget everything! Great tip on the journal, that’s one I didn’t think off. Thanks!

    1. admin says:

      It can be hard to build healthy habits but its so worth it once it becomes a routine that ya don’t even have to think about! Thank you!

  2. Hi, excellent post. I did n´t know planning the next day for 10 minutes helps you sleep deeper! I have a bullet journal and I make plans on it, but rarely on the evening before next day. I´m going to try that. I´m not a morning person, and I never get up early.

    I do drink water as soon as I wake up, although I take my ADHD-medicine with it, but I would drink water anyway. Another morning habit I have is yoga. I am hungry in the morning, but even a quick yoga before breakfast is a perfect start for a day. In the summer, if it´s warm, I even do my morning yoga out in the garden. Even better!

    1. admin says:

      Hey there Kristi! Yoga is such a wonderful addition to a perfect morning! Thank you for the tip and thank you for reading!

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