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Have you tried to be your own boss but found more money spent than earned?

Have you had an AMAZING experience with a product or service?

Is there a secret platform you found & want to share?


Here at Make That Money Honey, we welcome all the stories of success & even the stories of failure. If you are here than you are probably quite skeptical about all of the products & services out there that can make you a millionaire overnight. I get it. As a NY’er, I’m skeptical of anything & everything, even if it’s right under my nose. It’s tough to weed through all of the social media posts, Youtube videos and even messages from friends & family about a new money making scheme.


I welcome you to share your stories of accomplishments & of failures so that Make that Money Honey Blog can be as real as possible! If you’d like to publish a post at Make that Money Honey, please comment below or email

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