Best Trial Closes (What & How to Use these bad boys)

The Art of Persuasion is something you need to master if you want to learn to find financial freedom. Persuasion is being able to influence. It’s not coercion or manipulation. It is convincing others to make a decision that will benefit them. And in your case, it’ll benefit you too!

Trial Closes are a great technique to improve your persuasion techniques. Below are examples of the best Trail closes you can learn to easily include in your presentations.

What are they?

Using Trail Closes throughout your presentation is as simple as asking your audience simple yes or no questions.

They key is to only ask questions that trigger a ‘yes’ response and only a ‘yes’.

The goal of this is to have everyone repeatedly answer yes on small questions that don’t require any agreement or decision.

This will mentally help them say yes when you ask for the sale! Create that habit in your audience early and throughout your presentation.

Great things are done by a series of small things done together. –Vincent van Gogh

You’ll need to remember to not only ask these strategically through your presentation but also with high energy. You want to remain the center of attention and keep all eyes on you!


How to use ’em?

Here are some examples of trail closes and exactly how to use them throughout your presentation!

  • When starting your “Why” story or personal Brand information, you can use Could you imagine if that happened to you?. this is great especially if you have any failures or flaw that go into your story (which should be included no matter what).


  • Make sure to use Am I right? throughout your presentation on questions you know will trigger a yes response. This can be done with humor too for an extra positive connection with your audience!


  • Just after your introduction and before talking about any products, ask the audience Are you ready to get started? It’s important to let your group know that you’ve moving into a new section of your presentation.


  • If you have a product with an innovation, ask everyone “Are you seeing this too? Use this if there is a product you want to highlight and spend extra time discussing. it pulls your audience into listening and being more attentive.


  • Before discussing any detail on hosting, you can ask Who here wants a free product? You can then go into the details of what you offer hostesses but remember to ask first BEFORE you let them know what they will be required to earn the benefits.


  • With products that are new, seasonal or you’ve created hype around, ask Isn’t that exciting/cool/fun/like nothing you’ve seen before? Make sure to use when you know the answer will be yes. If you’re audience is uninterested and you ask this question, it can come off sale-sy so be careful using this one!


Restrict your questions!

As you’ll notice, none of these questions require any definite agreement of the audience. They don’t ask them to pull out a wallet, make a short or long term agreement or even stand up! Nothing is required on their part besides either a nod or a vocal yes. They all trigger an easy yes response without any commitment.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a verbal ‘yes’!

A small nod and smiles are non-verbal signs of agreement.

Keep them short and sweet.

You want to engage your audience and have them continually saying yes BUT you don’t want them to think about any point too much. This will trigger objections before you have come to that part of your presentation.


Have you been using Trail Closes in your presentations without knowing it? That happens a lot, especially if your audience is more conversational than just a group listening. Make sure be mindful of the questions you present to your audience.

Comment below with Trail Closes you use!

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