Best Planners for Business (Entrepreneurs)

Want to Start a Small Business? Get a Planner!

  If you’re serious about being an entrepreneur, you’ll need to learn the #1 skill for success… Organization. Planners are wonderful because they are not only calendars but you can really tap into your creative juices with prompts & blank pages, stay focused on tasks and pump up your productivity!

There are gadgets & apps out there for organization but if you’re like me and love glitter pens & a sense of accomplishment, than you need a good planner!

Below are the best planners for business & I’ve used each of them to keep my sh*& together. I’ve broken down what’s included in these planners and why they are a great pick for entrepreneurs. Each planner below has specific benefits that may or may not be important to you but they are all great additions to your daily routine.

I highly recommend getting your life down on paper!


Erin Condren Life Planner

Erin Condrens name is well known in the washi-tape world of planning. If you’re not familiar with these planners, they are “customizable & personalizable”.

There are also life specific planners including wedding planning, teachers edition & small petite planners.

Accessories galore! There are a million ways to make these planners 100% yours but this can definitely add up cost-wise. But this is also part of the fun of a planner!

Planner includes:

  • Mini Months with quotes, notes and productivity pages
  • Dated Monthly & Weekly spreads
  • Additional Note pages
  • Coloring & Grid pages
  • Inspiration Board
  • Contacts Page
  • 4 sticker sheets
  • Keep It Together Folder



Benefit for Business:

  • Two year Monthly Overview – this is great for setting long-term DUE DATES for goals!
  • Goal Planning pages with twelve large boxes – ample space for detailing exactly what your goal is!
  • Weekly pages are broken down by day and then by time. This is a TREMENDOUS help with time management!
  • Lined Note pages before and after each month for additional doodles!
  • Contacts Page for when you need info right at your fingertips!
  • Pocket folder for keeping print-outs organized!

You can purchase here!


Panda Planner

The Panda Planner is all about “Be Happier & More Productive”. Named Best Planner by Business Insider, the Panda Planner is broken up into Daily, Weekly and Monthly pages.

The Classic version is only for 6 months. Now for me, it’s a smart amount of time to build healthier habits that I can realistically take charge of but for you, it might not be long enough.

A marvelous part of these planners is that they are undated! This is so you can start using it at any time of the year without wasting pages. Also, if you happen to miss a few days of using it, you can pick up where you left off!

The colors are limited but I think they did a great job choosing 4 simple but pretty tones:

The founder, Michael Leip, worked to create a planner through research on positive psychology, behavioral science and neuroscience. The website also has a blog and several videos to help you get the most out of this planner. The company truly wants you to use it to better your skill sets & productivity.

Planner includes:

  • Daily Pages include a Morning review, Priorities, Schedule/Tasks/Notes, and End-of-Day Review
  • Weekly Pages have sections for a Review last week, Plan next week, Goals and Projects
  • Monthly Pages include a Plan your Month Calendar, Focus & Daily Habit and Review your Month













And check out that adorable panda!

Benefit for Business:

  • Daily Page includes Priorities and Hourly Schedule break down!
  • Weekly look ahead & look-behind section that really keep you on track!
  • Each Monthly page include Goals, Wins, Insights and Distractions to Avoid! Love it!

 You can purchase here!

FREE BONUS of 6 Info-Packed eBooks! The topics are well picked & will help you on your way to becoming an entrepreneur!


BestSelf Co. Planner

The BestSelf Co Planner uses a 13-week roadmap to help you work on your goals by breaking them down, setting targets and reflecting on daily habits. This is a significantly shorter planner than the others but for me, it worked well to create habits in the short term.

Like the Panda Planner, this planner is undated to help you jump in & out of it when you need to without wasting any paper!

I love the sections for actions & tasks since I can highlight & glitter-pen here to make sure I physically take those actions!

There are also positive quotes along the way if you love that kinda thing (like I do)!

This planner is even used by Shark Tank’s Daymond John!


Check out how the BestSelf Planner is a part of my Perfect Morning!

Planner Includes:

  • Weekly Calendar Pages
  • Daily Calendar Pages with Hourly Breakdown and Goals & Target prompts
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • 3 Fabric Bookmarks



Benefit for Business:

  • Thick Canvas cover & a great size to fit anywhere!
  • Daily Calendar is 2 Pages and include hourly schedule for Time Management skills!
  • My Goals and Today’s Target keep you on track!
  • Weekly Calendar is great for starting the week off strong & follow-up at the end of the week!

Purchase here!

BONUS: For every product BestSelf Co sells, they feed 10 hungry Americans through a partnership with Feeding America, a hunger relief organization with a nationwide network of food banks. Very good juju!


Color Crush by Webster pages

This was my first love! In a beautiful rose gold shade of pink, my Webster Pages planner taught me how to organize not only my calendar but my entire life.

These are customizable and since they follow an A5 size paper format, there are millions of FREE print-ables out there too! If its free, its for me!

As you can see below, I color coded my calendar & used the side bar for additional details.

I’ve been able to find FREE inserts for pages like Savings Trackers, Habit Trackers, Address Book & even Auto Repair tracker (thank god I don’t have to deal with our old truck anymore!)

Planner Kits Include:

  • 12 Month Calendar across 2 pages
  • Weekly Calendar for 12 Months
  • 5 Patterned Dividers with Tabs
  • 6-Ring binder
  • Inside of front cover has slots for business cards and papers
  • Back cover has top pocket



Benefit for Business:

  • Faux-Leather bound for Stability!
  • 12 Month Calendar on 2 Pages including a side bar & last month & small view of next month!
  • Weekly Calendar across 2 pages to be able to plan clearly!
  • 2 Pen holders!
  • Easy to find FREE inserts for everything your business from budgets to project trackers! My favorite part!

Purchase it here! 

These are well worth the money since inserts can easily be downloaded for FREE!


Clever Fox

This is the planner I’m currently using & so far, I’m quite happy with it’s layout. There is ample space everywhere in this planner for writing which boosts my creativity!

The planner starts with pages for Gratitude and Rituals then onto a set of pages for a Vision Board that you can literally do anything you want with. Most Vision Boards include visuals from magazines, books, newspapers, etc and it can be a great source of inspiration!

The Goal pages have sections for different areas of life which I find uplifting since we are pretty complicated creatures and our lives are equally so. Completing this section forces you to reflect on all aspects of your life.

The Daily, Weekly & Monthly review pages in this planner have extra space for notes, to-do lists, habits and more so you’re able to get a lot out of these pages.


Planner Includes:

  • Gratitude pages
  • Daily Rituals pages
  • Vision Board
  • My Goals pages include all aspects of life
  • My Focus page for 5 Goals
  • Mind Map dotted page for creativity
  • Monthly Layout on 2 pages with Goals, Win & Next Month sections
  • Weekly Layout on 2 pages include days, goals, notes, wins, and next week sections



Benefits for Business:

  • Monthly layout includes large boxes and extra space for Goal reminders!
  • A lot of open space on pages for Creative Ideas!
  • Daily Pages include Goals & Wins!

Grab it HERE!

This is a great option if your just starting out with planning!


If you had to pick one right now, which would it be?


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